Auntie for mental well-being

Auntie is a solution for mental well-being at work. Learn more about how the C-level management, HR, managers, individuals and entrepreneurs can use Auntie’s help to tackle challenges before they escalate into problems.

Auntie for the individual

Well-being at work for a happy you

Auntie provides an easy access mental well-being service when everyday struggles take over your happiness. Auntie gives support to employees suffering from stress, overachieving or lost motivation.

Auntie for HR and well-being at work for solving work ability challenges

Auntie for the HR toolbox

As an HR representative, you support employees, managers and leaders in solving work ability challenges. You are looking for ways to prevent work-related stress, improve resilience and motivation at work, and how to help employees do their jobs efficiently and in a self-directed way, without overachieving. Auntie can help!

Auntie for functional leader

Well-being for a functional leader and team

How is your team doing? Do you feel like there is a good energy and functional team dynamics? Does the working environment support success? These are key to maintaining good work ability and providing what team members need to triumph. See how Auntie can help you and your team.

Well-being at work for a successful company - C-level managers

Well-being at work for a successful organisation

Well-being at work means a safe, healthy and productive work, that skilled employees and work communities perform in a well-managed organisation. Well-being at work has an impact on the organisation’s results and overall performance as well as employer image and reputation.

6 reasons to use Auntie new book

Download a guide “6 reasons to use Auntie”

There are many reasons to take Auntie into use in our customer organisations, and in this guide we tell about the most common reasons, as well as the various ways the service can be implemented. 

HR professional, contact us!

Together we can find best solutions for your organisation to improve employees mental well-being with the help of Auntie.