Auntie for HR and well-being at work for solving work ability challenges

Auntie for the HR toolbox

As an HR representative, you support employees, supervisors and management in solving work ability challenges. You are looking for ways to prevent work-related stress, improve resilience and motivation at work, and how to help employees do their jobs efficiently and self-directedly, without overachieving. And to prevent burnout, loss of motivation and sick leave. You consider the effects of private life on people’s ability to work, whatever happens, such as the failure of a relationship, one’s own or a loved one’s illness, or difficulty sleeping.

You have your work cut out for you! However, you do not need to do all this by yourself, as Auntie is there to help you.

Auntie matalan kynnyksen mielen hyvinvointipalvelu

Auntie is an easy solution for mental well-being at work

Providing a low-threshold mental well-being solution for the employees also supports the modern employer image. Auntie professionals make solution-focused psychological conversational support available to employees. It ensures that no one is left alone with their work ability challenges. Many also talk about coaching – ways to learn to do things better and improve their resilience. Fast, without an entry to the health care records which many shy away from.

The decision to take Auntie into use in the organisation is also a low-threshold matter: Auntie offers easy, quick-to-deploy tools into the HR toolkit.

Auntie does not create extra work for the HR specialists to any significant extent. Auntie is an easy and quick way to provide preventative support. Read about our customers’ experiences with Auntie.

Check out the Auntie packages to provide support for coping and ways to increase job satisfaction for employees. Auntie also provides support for managers, for increasing team resilience as well as for remote leadership.

The implementation of the Auntie solution:

Auntie Classic Service - low threshold mental well-being

Whether you are in a large multinational company or a smaller organization, our most popular product, Auntie Classic, is always suitable. In the service, you purchase a sufficient number of Auntie’s low-threshold psychological support discussion packages for staff use, which include five 45-minute meetings with an Auntie professional. We help you communicate the solution to your staff. You will receive reports on the effectiveness of the service. The solution also includes monthly webinars in Finnish and English.

Stressed Out

The right amount of stress can be good. Prolonged stress without recovery will lead to exhaustion. Stressed Out gives you helping tools for dealing with it and recovering.

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Lost in Transition

Life is constant change and sometimes we just can’t keep up. Reaching out for help can make the sun shine again without wasting another day.

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Leading Me

What does self-direction really even mean? Does it feel like you have to learn both to swim and to know the direction in which to swim in the cold water?

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Our customer stories

Learn how our customers have improved the well-being at work for their organisations and how Auntie has helped them reach their goals.

6 reasons to use Auntie new book

Download the guide: 6 reasons to use Auntie for improving mental well-being and coping

There are many reasons to take Auntie into use in our customer organisations, and in this quide we tell about the most common reasons, as well as the various ways the service can be implemented.

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Together we can find best solutions for your organisation to improve employees mental well-being with the help of Auntie.