Leading with a Meaning

Do you remember that enthusiasm when you were in your first management position? Where did it disappear over the years?


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Is being a manager and team leadership still meaningful?


What’s the matter?

Has your managerial work and taking care of tasks turned into constant banging away? Wondering if this is all there is to it? Do you feel that your well-being at work has decreased or do you even feel the symptoms of a burnout?

How can we help?

With the help of an Auntie professional, Leading with a Meaning clarifies your own work-related values. You learn to outline the impact of thoughts, feelings, and actions on your own leadership. With the Leading with a Meaning package, you reinforce your understanding of the importance of leadership and leading a team to yourself, and see more clearly who you are as a leader and why.

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Auntie is the perfect tool to self-reflect and get input and new ideas. It works extremely well digitally and feels very personal, I would not have expected that.

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