Auntie Packages for mental well-being

Auntie is an online service that promotes mental well-being at work. The service is intended for organisations that consider the mental well-being of their personnel vital and want to provide the best possible support for their employees. The Auntie service is based on structured packages that consist of five confidential video meetings conducted by an Auntie professional. Our packages focus on finding concrete solutions for everyday issues such as stress, overachieving or lost motivation before they escalate into problems. All meetings are 100 % confidential, based on your schedule and can be held in more than 20 languages.

Auntie professionals are verified psychologists and psychotherapists, who are experts in result-oriented short-term therapy. Our professionals are also constantly learning and developing their skills through our Auntie Academy. During your meetings the Auntie professional will work with you to help identify and address your challenges with a focus on results.

Through Auntie you can regain your work-life balance and feel better now. Check out our packages below!

Auntie packages for mental well-being

Back to Business

It is a big change from your loungewear to the work clothes again. The longer the break, the harder the return may feel.

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Cabin Fever

Are the walls closing in on you? Is cabin fever knocking at the door?

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Stressed Out

Are you stuck in survival mode? Has worry taken over your life?

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Sleepless in Seattle

Does ‘at night I can’t sleep, in the morning I can’t wake up’ sound all too familiar to you?

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Leading Me

Freedom to lead yourself? Or… is it a prison, after all?

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Lost in Transition

Life has happened and your motivation has run off? Does every day feel like Monday?

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Do you always feel compelled to go the extra mile?

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Loveboat Sinking

Is your relationship at risk of hitting rock bottom?

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Feeling Down

Have you lost your drive and is the sofa your new hangout in the evenings? Is there nothing much to look forward to in the future?

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Did you get really bad news or nearly escape an accident?

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Born to Lead

New to a management position and uncertainty gnaws?

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Leading with a Meaning

Has your enthusiasm for being a manager disappeared over the years?

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Dream Team in Process

How do you build your dream team of different people?

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Leader in Rough Waters

Has something hit the fan in your work community?

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Leading from a Distance

How do you lead your forces from bit space in a self-directing manner?

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If you are trapped by your own thoughts, need a little coaching or would benefit from talking to someone just to get more clarity in any situation, Auntie may be just right for you.

Robert, AI engineer at Silo AI. 
Auntie-asiakastarina, Vesa, Visma

Auntie gave me something completely different. My situation was taken into account and no attempt was made to shoehorn my experience into any particular category. I felt that I really got help and support.

Vesa Perkiö, Account manager, Visma

I would recommend Auntie for situations where your problems have not gotten too big yet, but you clearly feel that something is on your mind.

Susanna Kaukinen
Delivery team manager, Posti

The video sessions always had a clear beginning and end. My progress on the issue at hand was constantly monitored. I did not have to worry about dwelling on deep thoughts for a longer period of time. Auntie’s mental health professional did not narrow things down to my stress. Instead, they really knew how to help me talk about the things that were relevant to me at different times.

Johanna Joutsen, Dentsu.

Auntie is here to help!

If your employer does not yet offer Auntie services, please let us know!