Auntie Packages

Auntie is a low-threshold well-being service based on conceptualized packages around specific work or life situation related themes common to people in working life. The packages are conducted with an Auntie professional via video connection according to your schedules.

Auntie is a preventative, solution focused service that can be accessed even before the issues escalate to problems, by giving support to employees suffering from stress, overachieving or lost motivation.

Each session package consists of five personal video meetings with a mental well-being professional.

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Auntie Packages for Psychological Support

Stressed Out

Are you stuck in survival mode? Has worry taken over your life?

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Do you always feel compelled to go the extra mile?

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Lost in Transition

Life has happened and your motivation has run off? Does every day feel like Monday?

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Back to Business

Is it a big change from your lounge-wear to the work clothes again?

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Loveboat Sinking

Is your relationship at risk of hitting rock bottom?

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Sleepless in Seattle

Does ‘at night I can’t sleep, in the morning I can’t wake up’ sound way too familiar to you?

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Feeling Down

Have you lost your drive and is the sofa your new hangout in the evenings? Is there nothing much to look forward to in the future?

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Did you get really bad news or nearly escape an accident?

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Auntie Packages for Coaching and Development

Leading Me

Freedom to lead yourself? Or… is it a prison, after all?

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Building Me

Would now be the time to focus on yourself and your thoughts?

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Good to Great

Do you want to develop your work personality?

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Auntie Packages for Leaders

Born to Lead

New to a management position and uncertainty gnaws?

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Dream Team in Process

How do you build your dream team of different people?

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Leader in Rough Waters

Has something hit the fan in your work community?

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