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It is a big change from your lounge-wear to the work clothes again. The longer the break, the harder the return may feel.


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What are you returning to, when you do? Does it feel terrifying to return to work after a break? Can you keep your everyday life in one piece? Did the new normal take you by surprise?


What’s the matter?

Are you returning to work after parental leave, sick leave, study leave or some other long break? Or perhaps you are returning to the office after a long remote working period? No matter what your reason, your everyday life is settling into the new normal. The past is no more and what lies ahead may still be unknown. You may have plenty of energy and enthusiasm but the change may bring exhausting things with it. What in your work has changed and what remains?

How can we help?

Now it is your moment to map out your own situation and take control of the change! Let’s find a balance between challenges and strengths through discussions. What can you influence? Which things that are important to you have surfaced during the break from the routines of work? With the help of the Back to Business package you will find the strength to combine working life and home life. You will notice that you still can do and learn and jump effortlessly into your old or new work role. With the help of your Auntie professional, the return is made easier and you will find your place in the work community again.

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It is wonderful how one can bring about such improvements in one’s own condition in just a few sessions.

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Together we can find best solutions for your organisation to improve employees mental well-being with the help of Auntie.