Good to Great

Do you want to develop your work personality? Are you looking to switch things up, or have there been changes in your life recently?

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Grab the bull by the horns and crystallise your goals!

Good to Great package offers coaching to help you develop in the direction that you find most useful

This is not the time to focus on problems, but to think about the future and work together to find a path towards your goals. Auntie coaching focuses on developing the user’s own professional role, finding their strengths and making meaningful changes.

Unlike most Auntie packages, this package is only available in Finnish, Swedish and English.


Coaching for empowerment

Auntie-coaching is aimed at bringing about tangible changes in your behaviour. The changes do not necessarily have to be anything major, however. Coaching is intended to help you find the path to your goals in steps that are just right for you. 

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Users that recommend Auntie

Auntie coaching helped me to move towards a change in my career. Auntie coach asked good and difficult questions that helped me to strengthen my decision and gave me the courage to take concrete steps to reach my goal. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering a change in their career or life in general.

Auntie coaching user feedback

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