Lost in Transition

Life has happened and your motivation has run off? Does every day feel like Monday?


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Life is constant change and sometimes we just can’t keep up. Reaching out for help can make the sun shine again without wasting another day.


What’s the matter?

It is easy to get sidetracked from your life when you undergo life-altering changes or events. Sometimes it does not require a major change for the everyday life to get silent and grey. Maybe you misplace your values while pursuing your career. Your life may look great on the surface but still you feel somehow really bad, can’t get going in the morning and feel anxious all day.

How can we help?

Share your troubles while it’s still easy to fix them! Together we will clean the cobwebs between your ears and find out what really matters to you. Lost in Transition package will help you re-discover your values in life and tear down mental walls that prevent you from reaching your goals.

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The Auntie service was very useful in reflecting on one’s own working methods and attitude. I got tips on how to help myself cope in stressful work situations and how to recover more effectively from stressful situations at work and in my free time.

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Together we can find best solutions for your organisation to improve employees mental well-being with the help of Auntie.