Auntie Service - Auntie professionals offer psychological discussion support


Solutions for employee stress, sleeplessness, lack of motivation or problems in personal life can be found with Auntie professionals. Auntie’s goal is to prevent challenges related to coping and mental well-being, in other words, prevent everyday challenges from escalating into crises. Auntie has a coaching-based, practical approach.

Auntie is a service that organisations offer to their employees.

How to start using Auntie in your organisation

Auntie Stressed out package image

1. Ordering the packages

The company orders the desired number of Auntie packages per year for the company’s employees. 

Auntie Lost in Transition Package

2. We support you in getting started

The service includes info sessions, support for communications and internal marketing, webinars in English and results reporting.

3. Signing up

Employees sign up to Auntie packages on their own or HR or the manager can direct a person to the service.

4. Selecting the Auntie package

The user selects the suitable package. If necessary, an Auntie professional can help with the package selection.

Auntie Classic Service - low threshold mental well-being

5. Auntie sessions start

Each Auntie package includes five 45-minute video sessions with an Auntie professional and easy exercises. 

HR professional, contact us!

Together we can find best solutions for your organisation to improve employees mental well-being with the help of Auntie.