Good to Great – what is Auntie coaching?

Auntie’s Good to Great is a coaching package that offers close collaboration with a coach to help clarify your goals and make progress towards them using your own resources.  Central to the coaching process are discussion, questioning, and providing encouragement and helping the person gain insight.

Eyes on the future

This is not the time to focus on problems, but to think about the future and work together to find a path towards your goals. With Auntie coaching, you pause to clarify your thoughts and goals, and find the resources and solutions you need to make progress in your desired direction. And proper change is achieved when others notice it too!  That is why it is aimed at bringing about tangible changes in your behaviour. The changes do not necessarily have to be anything major, however. Coaching is intended to help you find the path to your goals in steps that are just right for you. 

You’re the author of your own narrative!

The point of coaching is not to provide ready-made answers – instead, the Auntie coach asks tough but thought-provoking questions that help you gain a new perspective on things.  

The art of thinking differently

Does change feel difficult? No resources or motivation? Everyone has resources at their disposal, even when it may not feel that way. Something might seem impossible to change, but how about it if you look at it from a new angle? Could you have previously untapped potential? One aim of coaching is to help you cast your life situation in a new light, redefine it and explore alternative routes to a fulfilling life.

Coaching for empowerment

Coaching places heavy emphasis on identifying one’s own resources, as it is usually by tapping into these that a solution to a problem can be found. Take a moment to reflect on your professional identity. You’ll be rewarded with an invigorating dose of renewed self-awareness!

Welcome to Auntie coaching! Remember that life’s uncertainties rarely come with clear and convenient solutions. 

It may not be easy, but your Auntie coach is on hand to help you find your way!