I personally really benefited from using Auntie. – Susanna, Posti


I would recommend Auntie for situations where your problems have not gotten too big yet, but you clearly feel that something is on your mind.

Susanna Kaukinen
Delivery team manager, Posti

The Born to lead package really helps

There were major changes to my working assignments and responsibilities as the delivery team manager. This was, of course, exciting, but at the same time, I felt uncertain and tense. I had never thought about becoming a supervisor, but suddenly, I had become one without really preparing myself for it. Of course, I could always rely on my own supervisor, but it was also really nice to talk to someone outside of my own working community.

Confidence and faith in your own performance

I personally really benefited from using Auntie. We did not go through the contents of the package as such, since I already had a lot of things to think about that had to do with practical interaction situations. The conversations gave me confidence and faith in the fact that maybe I was going to do okay in my new job.

The security measures used on Posti’s computers prevented us from using a video connection, so we had our first conversation over the phone. After that, I started using my own devices for the meetings, because seeing your conversation partner’s face makes the situation feel much more natural.

The forty-five-minute sessions were just the right length. There was enough time to go through all the things I had on my mind, but they were still short enough for me to easily fit them into my working day.

I appreciate that my employer offers me a chance to receive low-threshold support for different challenges that I may encounter in my work or private life.

Posti offers its employees Auntie’s low-threshold mental well-being services. The individual session packages consisting of five remote sessions help employees to tackle everyday challenges before they escalate and lead to problems or crises.