Looking for a meaningful job at Auntie?

Join the Auntie Family! Auntie is a company of experienced professionals, offering support for everyday problems in the workplace. We want to make working life happier and more productive.


Our purpose is to provide access to low-threshold support for mental well-being for millions of people globally

The Auntie Family is a growing group of talented people who come from various backgrounds and share the same mission: to provide access to low-threshold support for the mental well-being of millions of people globally. Rather than leaving our socks around the office, working towards the same dream – this makes us the Auntie Family.

When it comes to everyday work life, all of us also have rather similar ways to approach matters, meaning all our Auntie familie members are 360° type of persons, who like to get their hands dirty – as needed in a growth company! Whether you are a a member of our software development team or working in the client interface, you can truly make an impact and make your handprint visible in our service!

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Join Team Auntie

Auntie is a low-threshold mental well-being service for employees that offers concrete solutions for everyday problems. Our effective and approachable service packages focus on small changes that have a big impact and are available in 20 languages. Already over 350 organisations in the Nordics and Europe rely on Auntie to keep their employees happy and motivated.


How to join the Auntie Family?

1.- Let us know about yourself!

Apply for an open position or send your information through our open application process.

During the application process you are able to record an introductory video of yourself as well. Don’t be nervous – we’re not looking for a master of ceremonies but want to see and hear the real you!

Auntie video call

2.- Let’s talk!

If we feel we could be a match, you are invited to a personal interview – usually to a quick 30 minute Google Meet -chat at first.

3.- Wow, you seem really great!

After the first round interview we might want to invite more people to the discussion – after all, we’re a family. This gives also you an opportunity to hear more about Auntie and ways of working.

4.- Let’s shake on it!

If both of us feel we could be something great together, we want to welcome you to the family. 💛

Open job positions

Brave but humble

Choose courage over comfort.

Show respect towards everyone – and we mean everyone!

Be good! Always build happier and better everyday life around you.


Make things easy. We leave committees and bureaucracy outside the door.

Work smart, don’t push too hard. Great results don’t come by force.

Relax and have fun! A day without laughter is a day wasted.


Stay curious, don’t settle. You’ll get there.

Take action – kill the snake when you see one (and do not go back and play with it).

Learn as you go, we’ve got your back.

All In for the customer – this is how we play the game

When it come to serving our customers, we want them to sit back and enjoy the ride. We make things easy and hassle-free. Our motto is “If we can do it for the customer, we will”. That means being proactive, doing rather too much than too little and adding happiness around us. In Finnish we say it shortly: parempi överit kuin vajarit.


If we can do it for the customer, we will.

Johanna, Head of Growth.

Auntie feels like home to me. You can truly be who you are and everybody ys accepted just the way they are. All my colleagues are aiming for the same target and that is helping our customers mental well-being. And that comes from our hearts, sincerely.”

Johanna, Account Manager.

John Holmberg-Auntie umbrella

When I read Auntie’s job posting, I knew that I wanted to work here. This feeling has only grown. All colleagues radiate of genuine passion for the service and have made the onboarding very enjoyable and fun. The customers are also amazing and a huge factor in making Auntie such a great place to work.

John, Customer Happiness Manager.


“I love working at Auntie! We live our values on daily basis and work together with a meaningful purpose. we are all committed to helping people change their lives for the better. It is an honor to be part of this team.”

Georgina, Marketing Coordinator.


“I feel that I can be who I am and that everyone can be who they are at Auntie. No micromanaging – just trusting each other.”

Paula, Customer Happiness Manager.

Open job positions

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